Hello and welcome to the first challenge of many!

This is something that @simmingkatie and I originally planned to do together, but then we thought why not spread the love around?

This challenge is really simple, and there’s no exact way in which to do it but the basics are: 

1. Every day, from the 13th of January until the 19th of January, make a post about one of your favourite Simblrs, one of your most supportive followers, a Simblr you feel would appreciate the pick-me-up. It can be any that you feel you would like to acknowledge

2. Your actual post can be set up any way you like. You can post a screenshot of a post of theirs, ‘borrow’ a photo of your favourite Sim of theirs, make it just a text post, whatever you like!

3. Say a bit about why you chose to post their Simblr. Are they someone you see supporting small Simblrs? Do they write gripping stories? Is their gameplay hilarious? Do they flood your notifications with love? Let them know why they’re important to you.

4. You can post one a day, two a day, one a day for 6/7 days and then make a list on the 7th day of others you heart. It’s entirely up to you, just make sure to post at least once a day!

5. The attached banner ^ and the hashtag #simblroflove were both created specifically for this challenge, so feel free to use those and to share this post so we can get as many people involved in this challenge as possible, and brighten as many days as we can!

Thanks for reading, and if you choose to – thanks for taking part! Spreading the love on Simblr is something we are both advocates for. You never know what someone might be going through and even if they’re having the best day you can still make it a little better.

Happy Simming!

Yes I’m doing this! 😊❤❤

I love this idea!

Towards evening:

Bryson:  Why were you looking annoyed at Brooklynn earlier?

Estella:  Oh. Ha. She just felt it was necessary to tell me that we’re living in sin.

Eden:  No, you’re not, Mommy!

Bryson:  Haha, no baby, we’re not.  That’s just a way of saying we need to get married. 

Eden, gasping:  Yay!  Then I can be your wedding kid, too, and your real kid!


Brooklynn, like any older African lady worth her nosy salt, eyed Ethan and pounced:

Brooklynn:  I’m excited to come to your wedding next!

Estella, noting Ida’s glare:  Aww, Auntie B., leave them alone. They just starting dating yesterday.

Brooklynn:  Oh, I meant you, too. I haven’t forgotten that you and Bryson still aren’t married.

Ida, to Ethan, wryly:  So that’s my mom… I promise, she’s lovely.